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The eyes are a central aesthetic feature of the face mediating much of our interpersonal interaction and communication. Ageing changes around the eyes are very common yet are amenable to many different approaches for both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation.

All treatments offered by Mr Ezra are bespoke and are planned carefully with you, choosing from a range of options to deliver the aesthetic solution that is required. Everyone is different and any treatment, especially surgical, will be customised to your needs to work towards a desirable and natural looking result in harmony with your other features and avoiding an unnatural look.

Mr. Ezra practices safe and responsible cosmetic surgery. This means that surgery will only be offered if it is right for you. The central priority for us is to achieve the best possible aesthetic result without risking your health and ensuring that the eyes are not compromised in any way by your surgery. Safety is particularly important around the eye, brow and midface areas, where the integrity of the eyes can be easily compromised as a result of poorly planned surgery.  Excessive and inappropriate  surgery can lead to poor aesthetic results as well as significant eye problems. Mr. Ezra's work also concerns the correction of surgery performed by those who are not specialised in eyelid and brow surgery. Redo or revision blepharoplasty continues to become more and more common.

Mr Ezra will also give you an honest opinion about the potential benefits of surgery, to ensure that this is right for you. This means that it is not uncommon for some patients to be advised that surgery is not the right choice for them.

Mr. Ezra insists on seeing all patients at every consultation. Preoperative and postoperative care will be provided by him personally. We also recognise the sensitive nature of many of our treatments and the need for complete confidentiality and discretion. For patients who require additional privacy, more discreet clinic visits can be arranged in advance.

Thyroid Eye Disease
Eyelid skin Cancer
Revision Blepharoplasty
Watery Eye/DCR Surgery
Midface Lift
Artifical eye care/Socket surgery
Endoscopic Brow-lift
Hemifacial Spasm
Fat Transfer/Lipsculpture