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Research is a central activity of Mr. Ezra's work. He has published numerous scholarly articles and  lectures widely on his specialist areas. As the research lead for oculoplastics department at Moorfields,  Mr. Ezra leads and collaborates with teams of researchers investigating many aspects of eyelid and orbital disease. These include:

  • Investigating the underlying  causes of thyroid eye disease on a cellular level. Research Funded by Fight for Sight has helped identify the mechanisms which cause fat enlargement and soft tissue swelling around the eyes. We are also developing new ways of testing novel treatments and drugs using laboratory models in order to accelerate the development of new drugs for use in patients.
  • Mechanisms of scarring in eyelid skin. The eyelid skin is a unique and highly specialised tissue. We are looking at understanding what drives the scarring process in these tissues and testing new treatments to prevent scarring using laboratory models. 
  • In collaboration with City University, we are investigating the role of corrective surgery in improving the quality of life of patients with disfiguring eye diseases, particularly thyroid eye disease. The aims of these studies is to see if we can improve care for patients by offering targeted psychological support.
  • Identifying the drivers for blepharospasm. The cause of abnormal eye movement of the muscles around the eyes (blepharospasm) is complex. We are looking at ways that we can modify sensory input to improve outcomes for this condition.
  • Molecular pathology of eyelid cancer. Whilst many eyelid cancers behave in a more benign manner, several tumours are highly aggressive. we are investigating the genetic control of these tumours to better understand what makes some tumours behave more aggressively.


We are always looking for patients who are eager to be involved, not only in participating in research, but also in designing and running some of our studies. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us by email.                          

Thyroid Eye Disease
Eyelid skin Cancer
Revision Blepharoplasty
Watery Eye/DCR Surgery
Midface Lift
Artifical eye care/Socket surgery
Endoscopic Brow-lift
Hemifacial Spasm
Fat Transfer/Lipsculpture