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Ptosis surgery

"I would just like to say thank you so much to Dr Ezra for fixing my ptosis... First time! I had semi-minor ptosis in my right eye which really bugged me as it would droop more when I was tired and was noticeable in photos. I had the scarless operation and my overthinking mind was put to rest by Dr Ezra's gentle mannerisms. It only took around 1 week to recover with minimal pain and disruption to my work schedule. My eyes are now perfectly symmetrical! It's one of the best things I've ever done and I can't recommend Dr Ezra enough! Thanks again."

Hemifacial Spasm treatment with botox

"I thank you so much for diagnosing the problem with my left eye lid flicker which has been causing me a lot of stress for over two years, and the treatment has given me my life back."

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, browpexy and botox

"Genetically I'm very fortunate to look younger than my years! Although for some reason my eyes were ageing faster & didn't match the rest of my face.... Basically I called it double eyelid! Nobody really noticed it as the skin was so loose it sat naturally on top of my eyelid.

Four years ago I started to research blepharoplasty I made many enquirers & choose to take consultation from Mr Ezra & another surgeon.

On visiting both surgeons the other surgeon went down the road of I needed half a face lift plus neck surgery! Sales techniques!

My consultation with Mr Ezra was so refreshing he took one look at my face identified my eyelid situation & also diagnosed that I had pressure on my eyes caused by fat lumps! Of which I'd been asking my doctor & optician for a long time why I had a feeling of pressure on my eyes with no answer! Mr Ezra didn't try to take advantage & sell me unnecessary procedures.

To sum up Mr Ezra gave me an honest & realistic consultation of what can be achieved & delivered exactly that. He & his staff were brilliant & the after care was matched my results are more than I could expect! I look totally natural.

Nobody can tell I've had surgery but everyone comments on how bright I look!

Perfect compliment, thank you Mr Ezra"

Bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty

"Wonderful treatment from Mr Ezra. He has transformed my vision with skilful surgery. At all stages, he kept me fully informed about the procedure – so I understood what was happening."

Revision Endoscopic Daryocystorhinostomy (Redo Endo-DCR)

"I had been suffering from watery eyes for quite a while and already had an operation on one eye in the past. However unfortunately the symptoms came back on both eyes, that is when I decided to consult Mr Ezra.

He performed an endoscopic DCR on both eyes which I was very pleased with as I didn't want the external procedure. I am very happy with my decision to have chosen Mr Ezra and can highly recommend him. The operation has significantly improved the quality of my life.

He and his team have taken excellent care of me throughout the whole time. Thank you for everything!"

Endoscopic Daryocystorhinostomy (Endo-DCR)

"Prior to my recent operation by Dr Daniel Ezra for a blocked tear duct, I developed a very unslightly "balloon" in the corner of my left eye. Additionally my eye use to periodically become filled with tears, sometimes to the point of interfering with my sight, and then suddenly spill over the lid and down the cheek. It left me feeling uncomfortable most of the time, and most self-conscious as to my facial appearance.

Once the operation was performed to unblock my tear duct, I could again see clearly and better still, look in the mirror and feel myself.

I also must praise Dr Ezra for his kindness and consideration throught my consultations with him, and especially for care during the operation itself."

Bilateral upper eyelid blepharoplasty and scar revision

"Thank you for taking good care of me whilst I had my blepharoplasty operation. Although I knew the operation would benefit the problems I had, I was naturally still quite nervous about it.

However, the care, attention to detail, professionalism and friendliness of Dr Ezra and everyone I met at the clinic and at Moorefields Hospital made the whole experience a very positive one." - MB

Upper eyelid and 'scarless' transconjunctival blepharoplasty

"A big decision to go ahead with upper and lower eyelid surgery. Lots of research, which surgeon to trust with this incredibly delicate procedure. Now it's over, I am constantly reminded every time I apply my makeup that Daniel Ezra was the perfect choice, I could not be happier with the care and most portably the amazing result. I'm completely delighted."

Upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

"I felt I needed upper and lower eyelid surgery as I looked constantly tired and my eyes were making me look older than the rest of me!

Daniel Ezra was recommended to me by the consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital who did my laser eye surgery.

I was very nervous about the procedure but after the consultation with Mr Ezra i felt completely reassured and confident in the decision to have the blepharplasty surgery.I knew I would be in good hands.

The surgery was done under general anaesthetic.

On the day of the operation April 1st 2014, I could not have been looked after any better by the hospital staff and Mr Ezra, the care and consideration was second to none.

The surgery was done early in the morning and I left hospital late that afternoon feeling fine. I had bruising of course, and slight blurred vision on the first day, but never experience any pain at all and didn't need to take any pain killers at any time. There was some slight soreness and discomfort during the healing, stitches were removed after one week, and at that point could already see the results were going to be good. I was able to go out wearing dark glasses straight away.

A few months down the line I am absolutely delighted with the results I no longer look tired and worn out, I think I look younger and my confidence is better, I am so glad I took the decision to have the surgery, I cannot recommend Daniel Ezra highly enough."

Botox and filler therapy

"I was recommended to see Daniel Ezra and I was absolutely delighted with his work . My eyes look amazing without having any surgery! He also has a wonderful warm bedside manner and I would highly recommend him!"

Botox and filler therapy

"Despite me being absolutely ready for a blepharoplasty, Mr Ezra was able to talk me out of surgery and suggested a combination of skin treatments and botulinum toxin. I accepted this as a short term solution. However, after 8 months I am happy to confirm that the wrinkles on my face have disappeared and I look a lot younger and relaxed and my eye lids do not appear saggy as before. I am extremely happy with what Mr. Ezra’s has achieved for me so far without surgery."

Tear trough filler therapy

"It would be fair to say that prior to meeting Mr Daniel Ezra, I may have been a little apprehensive and unsure about having my aesthetic procedure. But Daniel Ezra completely reassured me. His professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail and care given was second to none. His skill in injecting filler to my tear trough area was completely pain free and I am so happy with the amazing results. Following the procedure I hardly had any bruising and concealer wasn‘t even necessary. In addition, the after-care and follow-up were also thorough and reassuring. All in all, truly exceptional - Thank You! :)"

Upper lid ptosis

"Daniel Ezra carried out a procedure to correct droopy eyelids (bilateral upper eyelid ptosis correction) on December 16, 2014.
I am delighted with the result.
The procedure itself was painless, I felt no discomfort, and was home within about seven hours. My vision is so much better, particularly for computer work, now that my eyelids are not partially covering my pupils."

Upper lid blepharoplasty

"The procedure was under local and everything was thoroughly explained to me prior to the surgery, and again on the day. From going into theatre Mr Ezra explained what he was doing, from drawing his line re skin and muscle area to be reduced, to asking me to look up or down to ensure all was aligned. I never felt worried about anything at all as his steady nature puts you at ease..

Post Op I had a mild uncomfortable feeling, but nothing that artificial tears did not help with, as you have stitches you are aware something has happened to your lid.. It looks far worse than it feels and after a few days you see significant change as swelling etc goes..

Months on now and it really has never looked as good and felt so comfortable... I no longer have that dragging feeling over my eyes and visual field has improved...

I couldn’t be happier."

Upper and Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

"I had been suffering with hooded eyes for since 2008. Each year I noticed a significant deterioration in the condition but did not have the courage to go for either “cosmetic” surgery or even consider “corrective” surgery anywhere near my eyes. My condition had got so bad that I had been unable to wear any eye make-up for several years – in fact I couldn’t even see my eyelashes!

Dry eye syndrome brought me to Moorfields Hospital and to Mr Daniel Ezra’s clinic. Probably the most fortunate meeting that could have taken place.

I still pondered my decision for nearly a year, researching the surgery and the surgeon online, and finally took the plunge and made arrangements for the surgery. The information that I found about Mr Ezra gave me more confidence that he was the right surgeon for this job. The staff at Moorfields could not have been more attentive and caring. Just prior to surgery Mr Ezra saw me and marked my eyes and spoke with me for a while. This helped me relax, as much as you can before “going under the knife”.

Post surgery, Mr Ezra came to see me and helped me open my eyes, explaining why it was so difficult to do so. He was very positive and assuring. He explained about the recovery period and what to expect. What happened next was exactly what I was expecting which made it somewhat less scary. I have to say that I had no post-operative pain at all.

I was thrilled once the stitches came out and the bruising disappeared after just a few days. My only regret was that I did not have this surgery years sooner so that I could have got my life back. The most immediate reaction I got from people was that I looked more approachable and for me it was that I did not feel tired from the moment I got up AND I was able to wear eye make-up again!

Now the scarring has settled and is virtually invisible, I can only say: If Blepharoplasty is recommended to you for hooded eyes, GO FOR IT. Find a good surgeon, and here you have one in Mr Ezra, and improve your life immediately. It’ll also take a few years off your face too. It’s alot cheaper than a facelift, more natural looking and far more effective!"

Upper and Lower eyelid blepharoplasty

"I absolutely love my new eyes! My family and friends tell me I look years younger. The skill of Mr Ezra was outstanding, in fact there is no evidence of surgery, just perfect eyes which he fashioned to suit me. I had perfect faith in his hands and the recovery process was much quicker than I thought. I even went to the expense of buying designer prescription sunglasses but found I did not need them after a few weeks. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Ezra. The key decision for me was that he is a superb eye surgeon, first and foremost, with the added ability to carry out plastic surgery. The best combination!"